About Crane Factor

Crane Factor is a health and wellness company focused on helping you achieve your highest human potential.


Crane Factor’s vision is to help 80 million people create holistic lifestyle change through global health centers and online education. Through health, healing, conscious guidance and exercise we support the education of the next generations along with funding sustainable communities of like-minded people for the health and healing of humanity and the planet.


Our mission is to provide the resources, leadership and support to help our global community positively transform their lives through education, nutrition, and highly effective fitness programs.

Core Values:




Heart-Centered Service

What Does Crane Factor Mean?

Our name is a representation of how we show up in the world.  We believe in committing ourselves 100% to everything that we’re passionate about and focused on to create the best possible outcome for everyone – in this case being health, consciousness and fitness.  We encourage you to replace “Crane” with your own name – and the “Factor” is that you show up with 100% of yourself to achieve your goals. You are the Crane Factor. Or the _______Factor.  This way of thinking and living becomes a lifestyle of excellence, integrity, compassion and heart centered service.

Derek Crane, CTO – professional athlete trainer, certified personal trainer, fitness enthusiast – coaches individual and group clients to achieve their personal health and fitness goals.

Nathan Crane, CEO – entrepreneur, award-winning author, ultra-marathon runner, filmmaker, and health expert – guides people to true fulfillment and health through mind, body and spirit whole-systems living.

Together they created Crane Factor to bring High Performance living to people all over the world through fitness, health, conscious living and high-intensity training.

Their workouts, training videos, and educational videos can be found on youtube at the Crane Factor Youtube Channel, on Facebook at the Crane Factor Facebook Page and online at www.CraneFactor.com