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The number 1 cause of neck pain and how to fix it

Millions of people experience neck pain everyday, and most neck pain issues are caused by this one destructive habit most of us have. The good news is that it can be corrected and reversed. Crane Factor brings you programs, products and inspiration around healthy living, fitness training and creating an amazing life. 21-Day Back Fix…

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How to Stay Motivated and Keep Training While Injured

Injuries can be discouraging as they limit your ability to train and accomplish your fitness goals. In today’s video we share with you how to turn injuries into excellent learning experiences while still being able to continue training. 21-Day Back Fix Program

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Relieve and heal SHOULDER PAIN with this awesome stretch

Implement this shoulder and scapula stretch at home to relieve and prevent shoulder problems. Learn More About our Crane Factor 21-Day Back Fix Program Here

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