Dr. Michael DeMaria: How to Find Peace Within – Activating Greatness #13

In this episode we’re with talking with Dr. Michael Brant DeMaria. Michael is a Four-Time Grammy® Nominee, an Award winning composer, and five-time #1 Chart topping recording artist. Michael has won 7 ZMR Awards, including Album of the Year and is also a Native American Music Award winner. Additonally, Michael has been serving clients and students in an integrative, holistic approach to health and wellness for over 30 years. Michael is also the author of the new book, Peace Within: clear your mind, open your heart, embrace your soul and heal your life.

Michael’s websites are:



In this episode we talk about:

• How can each of us find peace even in the midst of chaos and turmoil?

• What was one of the most chaotic times in Michael’s life, and how was he able to find peace?

• The Emotional circulatory system what it is and how it works.

• Michael’s Mom passing away, how he dealt with her passing, and how can we all deal with death?

• What are practical practices people can do to clear their mind, open their hearts, and find peace within?

• What should someone do when they’re facing immediate chaos?

• How do you help someone else who has just come to you sharing all of their problems with you? And more!

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