Joe Gagnon – Living an Empowered Life of High Performance – Activating Greatness #6

57 year old Joe Gagnon is a truly inspiring human being. Having completed six Ironman triathlons, fifteen ultra-marathons, and thirty-four marathons, Joe is a remarkable endurance athlete, and all of this at the young age of 57. In 2017, Joe ran Six Marathons on Six Continents on Six Consecutive days.

He is the author of Living the High Performance Life – and CEO of Performance Tea.

In this interview we discuss:

– How anyone at any age can live with greatness in their lives and have more energy and high performance in their relationships, business, passions and fitness.

– What it means to live the high performance life and how to activate more performance in your health.

– The important power of diet and nutrition through a plant-based diet.

– How Joe didnt even start running or any real physical exercise until he was 40 and now at 57 feels better and has more energy than ever before.

– Supporting important causes and helping others through inspiring grand feats of fitness

– And much more!

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