Mark Romero: Improving Your Performance and Vitality through Music – Activating Greatness #14

In this episode of #ActivatingGreatness we’re with talking with Mark Romero.

Mark is an internationally known Sound Healing Expert and Transformational Leader. Through his music, Mark eliminates negative influences in the environment and creates a field where we can operate at optimal levels. Mark’s successful nineteen-year career as an executive manager and CEO took a dramatic turn the day a former NASA consultant discovered that his music contained frequencies that cancelled negative energy. His music CDs and speaking performances have placed him on the stage with internationally respected leaders like Mark Victor Hansen, T Harv Eker, and Bruce Lipton. Mark is recognized as a leader in the field of personal energy.

During this episode we discuss:
• What Mark has learned about his music and it’s relationship to energy, healing, and transformation?
• What is one of the biggest challenges Mark has overcome in his life, and how did you do it?
• Stories of transformations Mark has seen in other peoples lives through his work?
• How can people find their passions and step into their life purpose more fully?
• What is the number 1 thing Mark suggests people do today to Activate their Greatness within?

You can buy Mark’s healing music and hire him as a coach at

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